Wild life

Nature has created extreme beauty for mankind in this world. Wild life is a beautiful part of it.Above pictures of peacocks and parrots are showing their beautiful colours.Photographer has shared his collection of wild life photos which he captured to show the eye catching colours of these birds as well as of nature.

Paddy and Rice in Pakistan

Pakistani Rice in shape of Paddy


Field of Rice

Bring Paddy to Mandi and unloading it for sale and store



Different Quality of Paddy

Closeup of Paddy

Paddy like Gold

Ready for taking Paddy 

Working hard to maintain the quality of Paddy

Filling bags with paddy

Filling and weighing

Stitching the Paddy Bags

Ready bags of Paddy
Paddy in ready form
Paddy in bulk

Now finally calculating all the things

These pictures are taken at KAMONKI MANDI, 55 to 60 Km far from Lahore city. It is the biggest trading place according to rice and paddy in Pakistan. In Pakistan only Shekhupora,Gujranwala,Saialkot,Baddomalli,Narang Mandi,Kamonki,Narowal are the areas which are best   bestowed with high quality of aromatic rice.Some good quality of rice,which includes Super Carnal and Super 86 are also available here with wide varieties. These different varieties are outcomes of Pakistani scientists struggle.
In these pictures,we are showing all the process of rice and paddy which starts from bringing rice from field to mandi and ends with filling of rice in bags for storing.