Rana Resort,Head balloki








Rana Resort is a private sector recreational- cum hunting place, situated in Phool Nagar, District Nankana, 64 kilometers away from Lahore, the capital city of the largest populated Punjab province of Pakistan. In recent years the place has become focus of attention of picnickers, especially families and recreational trips of schools, colleges and universities.

The Resort spread over an area of 250 acres is a living model of craftwork of cane. Cane has been creatively used to build up infrastructure of the resort-From welcome billboard to bridges over lake and small canals; from chairs to roof of restaurants and sitting area- the cane has been used artistically.

Several kilometers long track with overlapping cane trees from both sides present, natural scenery of a jungle. Visitors enjoy in the jungle on horse-cart, bull-carts, donkey-carts, bicycles, tractor and tram cars. There is also a zoo of ostrich, deer’s, Neil cows, ducks, Flamingos and murghabis.

  There are many more things like: 

 Swings, Lake for boating, cemented statues of superman, spider man, animals and gigantic creatures remain a source of attraction for children. The culture of Punjab has also been reflected through statues of traditional Punjabi man and women.